BioGX Celebrates Success Of Global Partnership Initiative, Announces New Distribution Partnerships In EMEA And Asia-Pacific

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 01 November 2018 – Amsterdam-based BioGX B.V., a subsidiary of Birmingham, Alabama based molecular diagnostics company BioGX, today announced several new distribution partnerships in the EMEA and Asia-Pacific as it continues to expand its global presence.

“We welcome our new partners and are delighted with the quality of customer relationships our partners bring. As we expand our global footprint, we will continue to partner with companies that share our vision of exemplary customer service and a commitment to represent high quality, innovative products,” said Shazi Iqbal, Ph.D., CEO of BioGX.

The creation of these partnerships is part of BioGX’s Global Partnership Initiative, launched in January 2018. In addition to the distribution partners listed below, BioGX now has sales and customer support in more than 80 countries throughout the world.

The new Distribution Partners include:

  1. AxonLab – The Netherlands
  2. Detoxicare – The Philippines
  3. Genomica – Spain, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway
  4. Interlux – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania
  5. Isaac Healthcare Solutions – Kuwait
  6. Launch Diagnostics – France
  7. Ngaio – New Zealand and Oceania
  8. Pro-Med Diagnostics – South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa
  9. Quilaban – Portugal
  10. Servizi Diagnostici – Italy

For more information about BioGX, BioGX B.V. and any of their International Distributor Partners, contact Ken Gordon – Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing at

About BioGX BioGX provides partner-specified formulation and manufacturing services for custom molecular reagent components. Operating in a cGMP compliant environment, BioGX has over a decade of experience in applying its proprietary platform-agnostic reagent technology across a variety of real-time PCR and Next Generation Sequencing platforms. The company’s proprietary Sample-Ready™ technology is applied within clinical, food safety, pharma, and water quality analysis industries worldwide.

About BioGX B.V.

BioGX B.V., based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is a provider of molecular diagnostics reagents across diverse clinical applications. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of BioGX, headquartered in Birmingham, AL.