BioGX Sample-Ready™ technology launches into Space yet again, aboard the International Space Station.

BioGX reagents aboard the ISSBIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, 03 March 2021 – BioGX Sample-Ready™ lyophilized qPCR technology was selected by the NASA WetLab-2 program in 2016 to conduct genetic analysis in a microgravity environment aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Five years and several launches later, the collaboration is still going strong with a track record of success. 

The International Space Station (ISS) is the world’s leading laboratory for cutting-edge research and innovation.  “We are proud to be NASA’s partner in their quest for high-performing, innovative molecular chemistries.  Our outer space innovations find their way in creating best in class molecular diagnostics solutions for any lab setting, here on earth” said Shazi Iqbal, Ph.D., CEO of BioGX.


BioGX support was essential for the successful launch of the latest One-Step Gene sampling tool for genetic analysis on the ISS. At the core of this technology is a microscopic probe for rapid and single-step purification of RNA from biological specimens using a pin interface with the Cepheid SmartCycler instrument that is currently on the ISS. The One-Step Gene Sampler was developed in a collaboration between Dr. Gergana G. Nestorova (Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA), Dr. Niel Crews (nou Systems Inc, Huntsville, AL), and the WetLab-2 team at NASA ARC. The latest batch of BioGX Sample-Ready™  lyophilized reagents and the One-Step Gene Sampler were launched on Space-X21 in December,2020 and are scheduled for testing this month.


“BioGX worked with us to develop a custom-designed lyophilized mixture for the reverse-transcription PCR experiment in orbit. The company provides our reagents in a ready-to-use format, customized in SmartCycler tubes that require only the addition of water before the actual genomic experiment in orbit.  The reverse-transcription PCR reagents supplied by BioGX provide excellent sensitivity and reproducibility.  Due to the constraints of performing experiments in space, the traditional liquid suspension format of PCR reagents is not appropriate for delivery to the ISS. Therefore, the lyophilization method developed by BioGX is essential for the preparation of PCR reagents for launch and storage in orbit.” said Dr. Gergana G. Nestorova of Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA.

About BioGX

BioGX is a leading global provider of lyophilized real-time PCR reagents for molecular diagnostics.  BioGX, Inc., headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, and its wholly owned subsidiary BioGX B.V., based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, (collectively “BioGX”), operates in a cGMP compliant environment certified to ISO 13485 medical device development and manufacturing standards.  The proprietary Sample-Ready technology is at the core of all product offerings for Clinical, Food Safety, Pharma QC and Water Quality molecular testing.  BioGX B.V.’s 50+ molecular diagnostic products are marketed and sold in several countries through its Global Distribution Network.  

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