BioGX BV And AxonLab AG Announce Distribution Partnership

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Feb. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — BioGX continues to expand its international presence with the announcement of a new strategic partnership between BioGX’s Amsterdam-based European subsidiary and Switzerland-based distributor, AxonLab AG.

The multi-year partnership, which began Jan. 1, 2018, represents a significant step in the United States-based company’s overseas growth, as many of BioGX’s products will now be available to a considerably broader customer base. AxonLab will provide distribution to the majority of Central Europe, including Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Croatia.

The partnership will include all of BioGX’s CE-IVD product line, as well as Laboratory Use Only (LUO) products. According to Markus Koller, Head of the Molecular Division at AxonLab, BioGX’s lyophilized assays provide a significant advantage for end-users since the ready-to-use format allows for “rapid and reliable detection of infectious organisms.”

“We are very pleased to start this distribution partnership with BioGX,” says Koller. “This allows us to complete our portfolio with an expanding menu of high-quality, cost effective, CE-IVD-marked real-time PCR assays for automated qPCR platforms.”

BioGX Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ken Gordon, says innovation is a strong-shared connection between the two companies, a factor that was heavily considered in the early establishment of the partnership. “Because they offer innovative system solutions for hospitals, doctors, private laboratories, research, and industry, they are a perfect partner for a company like BioGX, which prides ourselves on manufacturing innovative products,” says Gordon.

According to Gordon, the partnership will improve delivery timetables and allow for more competitive pricing for European customers, as well as, streamline customer support. “BioGX could not be happier with the partnership, and the opportunity it presents, for the customers of both companies.”

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About BioGX

BioGX provides partner-specified formulation and manufacturing services for custom molecular reagent components. Operating in a cGMP compliant environment, BioGX has a decade of experience in applying its proprietary “platform-agnostic” reagent technology across a variety of real-time PCR and Next Generation Sequencing platforms. The Sample-Ready™ technology is applied within clinical, food safety, pharma, and water quality analysis industries worldwide.

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BioGX B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of BioGX based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is a provider of molecular diagnostics reagents across diverse clinical applications for qPCR platforms.

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Axonlab is a cutting-edge, customer-oriented service company operating in the fields of medical diagnostics, life science and software solutions for the health-care sector. They are a proactive and reliable partner of hospitals, doctors, private laboratories, research institutions, and industry. They focus on delivering a comprehensive, future-oriented service, to provide a foundation for long-term business relations. Having been engaged with customers for more than 20 years is why they know and understand their customer’s requirements.

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