BioGX Announces Availability of Xfree PCR Reagents for Monkeypox

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–To address the growing need for simplified, rapid testing for Monkeypox, BioGX, a global provider of easy molecular diagnostic solutions, announced availability of Xfree PCR reagents for Sample-to-Answer Direct Sample PCR on multiple real-time PCR platforms including BioGX’s rapid “pixl” platform.

Dr. Suzane Silbert, Director, Esoteric Testing/R&D and Microbiology Laboratories at Tampa General Hospital (TGH) said, “We validated the BioGX Xfree hMPXV/OPXV custom manufactured reagents as Laboratory Developed Test on two platforms, BioGX’s pixl real-time PCR instrument and another Sample-to-answer Open System platform. The test is robust and showed excellent performance on both platforms with pixl having an advantage of a small footprint and providing 3x faster results.” She further added, “Prior to sourcing the reagents from BioGX, TGH was sending tests to an external reference laboratory with much longer turnaround time and higher costs.”

“BioGX Monkeypox Xfree PCR reagents validated by TGH leverages the highly successful Xfree extraction-free direct sample testing chemistry that is also included in the BioGX EUA Xfree COVID-19 Direct RT-PCR test,” said Robert Martinez, Ph.D., Sr. Director of Scientific Affairs & Strategic Partnerships. He further noted, “BioGX Monkeypox reagents incorporate the US CDC primer/probe designs to detect West African and Central African (Congo Basin) clades of the Monkeypox virus, and separately screen for non-variola Orthopox viruses.”

BioGX’s Xfree Direct Sample PCR reagents offer the flexibility to validate testing using a direct swab collection at point-of-care or a swab sample collected in transport media such as Copan UTM®, Copan ESwab, Viral Transport Media or Phosphate Buffered Saline, completely bypassing the need for additional equipment and consumables for sample processing and extraction, saving both time and money.

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