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BioGX provides custom molecular assay design, development, automation, and manufacturing services and offers qPCR tests across diverse applications. Our tests are lyophilized Sample-ReadyTM. Just add water and your sample.

  • Clinical Bacterial, Viral & Cancer - Custom Tests
  • Food & Drug Safety and Quality Control
  • Drinking Water Testing
  • Recreational and Beach Water Monitoring
  • Sewage Effluent Testing
  • Agriculture - Animal and Plant Testing
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Animal Pathogen Testing
  • Analysis for Ruminant DNA in Cattle Feed for BSE Prevention
  • Analysis for Ruminant and Porcine DNA in Heparin (FDA Method)

BioGX is an authorized Industrial Distributor for Cepheid (Sunnyvale, CA) and sole supplier of the SmartCycler real-time PCR instrument under Federal GSA contract schedule 66, contract # GS-07F-0415Y.


May 22, 2013. The US FDA released a protocol to identify ruminant DNA in pig-derived crude heparin utilizing BioGX's real-time PCR-based Ruminant and Porcine test, product #204-0002.

FDA considers the presence of any non-porcine origin material (especially ruminant material) in heparin to render that drug adulterated. According to FDA, "the control of the animal origin of crude heparin is important to ensure the safety of drugs and devices that contain heparin and to protect public health." CLICK HERE to access the complete FDA protocol.

April 28-May 1, 2013. 29th Annual Clinical Virology Symposium (CVS) and Annual Meeting of the Pan American Society for Clinical Virology, Daytona Beach, FL. At CVS BioGX provided a demonstration of the use of our Sample-ReadyTM reagents on the BD MAXTM and other automated platforms.

Drs. Ray Widen and Suzane Silbert of Tampa General Hospital gave presentations on their experience with custom mfd. Sample-ReadyTM tests for vanA, T. vaginalis, and Enterovirus/Parechovirus on the BD MAXTM.


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